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Cupid Ltd: Bulk Deals | Equity Intelligence India bought 1.4 lakh equity shares of Cupid

Equity Intelligence acquired 1 % stake in the company

Porinju Veliyath acquired 1.4 lakh equity shares of cupid at Rs 233.8 per share on the NSE, as per the the bulk deals data available on July 2. The stock closed on last trading session at 239.25 (6.24%).

Cupid Limited is engaged in the business of dealing, marketing and manufacture of rubber contraceptives and allied prophylactic products.

Company is categorized under FMCG small cap sector which have the high potential to grow in the future times. Company which have its valuation score in positive phase giving dividend consistently since 2016.

Cupid Ltd ranks # `1 in book value and dividend yield comparing to its peers which is a positive sign for the stock to grow and earn investors. But EPS Ratio is lesser comparing to its peers.

Net Sales down 4.07% by Rs 39.60 crore in March 2021 from Rs. 41.28 crore in March 2020. Quarterly Net profit down 37.95% by Rs. 6.47 crore in March 2021 from Rs. 10.43 crore in March 2020. EBITDA down 38.84% by Rs. 9.04 crore in March 2021 from Rs. 14.78 crore in March 2020. Cupid EPS has decreased to Rs. 4.85 in March 2021 from Rs. 7.82 in March 2020. Company recommended a dividend of 3.5 per share. In 2018, Company provided 1:5 bonus issue of equity share and dividend of 3 Rs per share. Currently, 1 month equity return is at -1.08% and 1Year return at 13.74%.

On June 11th 2021, company announced press release for the cancellation of Award of Order received from Uttar Pradesh Medical Supplies Corporation Limited for Supply of ""COVID - 19 Antigen Based Rapid Test Kits". Order has been cancelled as company was not able to deliver it as per agreed delivery schedule due to disruption in activities in view of Tauktae Cyclone. This order worths 10.50 crore. But this will not impactfor its revenue.


Conclusion: Whenever a investing firm is investing in a company, it will do more research than the retail investors. Recent acquisition of 1% stake from the company by Equity India will definitely make the retail investors to buy this stock and eventually this stock will go up in upcoming trading sessions. Also when seeing the valuations and demand for this company products post covid, this stock will stand in the good betting area.

Chipper stocks Target Price : 270 Rs,

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